How to work with Test Plan

Delete a test plan

Select the test plan(s) you want to remove, then click Delete.

Edit a test plan

  1. Click a test plan’s Key or Name link.

    The test plan opens to the Details tab, where you can make updates. Click on different tabs to update additional information. You can add/remove test cycles to/from the test plan on the Traceability tab.

  2. Click Save when you’re finished editing.

Clone a test plan

Cloning an existing test plan copies all the information from the Details and Traceability tabs, including attached tests cycles. Cloning clears all comments, attachments, and historical information.

  1. Select a test plan you want to clone.

  2. Click Clone.


The cloned test plan appears in the list with "(cloned)" in the title.

Filter and view options

There are various ways to customise how you view test plan information, including searching titles, customising columns, and filtering.

Search bar (key/name filter)

The search bar filters title information, both Key and Name values. Results filter as you type.

Column options

There are five column headers you can apply to customise your test-plan view.

Once you have your columns selected, you can drag-and-drop them left and right into your preferred order.


Test plans can be filtered by status and label.

In the Plans view, you can toggle the filter options off and on.

When the filters are toggled on, you can use the drop-down options to select filters from each of the categories. Results update as you select filter options.

You can also filter results by typing into the search bar at the top of the drop-down lists.

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