Agile Development

With Zephyr Scale, small and agile teams can manage testing in a lightweight and straightforward fashion. You can create and link test cases or acceptance tests to user stories/bugs and then fire up single test execution directly from the issue screen in Jira or the Kanban board.

For small and agile teams, there is no need to create and plan test cycles and test plans in advance. Using Zephyr Scale, you can manage your testing efforts without hassle and focus only on managing the test coverage and the test execution, as displayed in the following relationship diagram:


In Zephyr Scale

In the Traceability section of the user story/bug, you can link existing test cases or create new ones as acceptance tests.


When the user story/bug is finished or ready to be tested, you can start a single test execution for each linked test case by clicking the "play" button.


On the test player screen, you can execute the test case and input the test-execution results.


From the issue screen, you can track the latest (and previous) test-execution results for each test case.


You can also perform these tasks from the agile/kanban screen by selecting a card and navigating to the Traceability section in the details panel.


Zephyr Scale allows you to easily generate reports to track your progress and success rates. Just filter by version/fix version or by iteration (sprint).

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