Use Gadgets

Follow the steps below to add gadgets to your Jira dashboard.

  1. Click Dashboards on the main toolbar, and select a dashboard from the list.


    You can manage existing and create new dashboards by clicking Manage Dashboards.

  2. Click Add Gadget or Add a New Gadget.

    The Add a Gadget screen appears.

  3. Locate a gadget you’d like to use, then click Add Gadget.

    You can search for keywords to filter results.


    Gadgets are added to the dashboard in the background, though the Add a Gadget screen remains open.

  4. Click X to close the Add a Gadget screen.

  5. Add your desired criteria to the gadget, then click Save.


    If Update every 15 minutes is not selected, you must refresh the page to see up-to-date information reflected in your gadget.


The gadget appears on the dashboard.

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