Manage Test Cycles From a Jira Issue

Handling test cycles from the issue view in Jira couldn’t be easier. You have the option to either create a new test cycle or add an existing test cycle to the Jira issue. Take a look at the sections below to learn how to create a Test Cycle.

Create a new test cycle from Jira

Head to the desired Jira Issue, click over the triangle-shaped icon, and select Create test cycle.

The Jira issue

Once you’ve saved the new test cycle, click the back button to return to the Jira issue. You’ll see a test cycle under the Traceability section.

The traceability section

Add an existing test cycle from Jira

To add an existing test cycle, simply click over the triangle-shaped icon, and select Add existing test cycle.

The 'Add exisiting test cycles' link

You’ll see a dialog where you can search, filter and select the test cycle you’d like to add to the Jira issue.

The 'Add existing test cyes' screen
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