Create Test Plan

Test plans help you manage high-level test planning and oversee an entire testing effort.

Test plans are groups of test cycles. When you generate reports and statistics filtered by test plans, the information aggregates and displays the test-execution results, metrics, and coverage of the test cases associated with the test cycles.

This task offers an example of how to create a test plan, and it highlights important aspects of the creation process.

  1. Click the Plans view.

  2. In the Folders panel, click the folder in which you want to create a new test cycle. If you want to create a new folder, click Create Folder, name the new folder, then click the check.

  3. Click New to create a new test plan. The Create Test Plan screen appears.

  4. On the Details tab (default), add your desired information.

    • A name for the test plan is required.

    • In the Details section, Folder is the destination of your test plan (specified in Step 2), Status refers to the readiness of the test plan to be executed, and Owner is to whom the test plan is assigned.

    • In the More Information section, you can create custom fields to address test strategy, scope, risks, environments, etc.

  5. Click the Traceability tab.

    Here you can use looking glass icon to link existing issues, test cycles, Web URLs, and Confluence pages to the test plan.


    When searching for issues or test cycles, results do not appear as you type. You must enter issue or test-cycle information (key or name) into the search bar, then click  (or press Enter) to perform the search. Partial-name searches also work.

  6. Fill out the information on the remaining tabs, if you like. You can add info to Attachments, Comments, and History tabs.

  7. Click Save. The test plan is created, and a notification appears on the screen.

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