Working with Folders

As you increase the number of test cases, cycles, and/or plans in your project, the organization of your content becomes increasingly important. Grouping testing artefacts into folders and sub-folders helps tremendously.

You can use folders to group tests for specific functions, requirements, or different test types, such as performance tests, integration tests, or system-level tests.

Create and Organise Folders/Subfolders

While in the Tests, Plans, or Cycles view, click Create Folder while your cursor is in the Folders panel. Type a name for your new folder, then click the check to save.

To create a subfolder, hover over and click the folder’s ellipsis icon.


Click Add Subfolder.

Reorder Folders

Drag-and-drop folders to reorder the list (top to bottom changes) or to restructure and create parent-child relationships.

To make a folder parent or child, click-and-hold the move icon at the left of the folder name, then drag-and-drop the folder left or right.



If you have multiple folders and subfolders, you may find that collapsing/expanding at certain times helps you stay organized.

A carat indicated that a folder has a subfolder(s) within it. Click the carat to expand and collapse the folders.


You can also hover over a set of folders and click the ellipsis icon 64107dc5a6cd4.pngto access the expanse and collapse folder options.

Moving Test Artefacts to a Folder

You can move test cases, plans, or cycles into a folder by selecting the test items you’d like to move, then dragging them into the folder of your choice.


Edit or Delete a Folder

You can edit or delete a test folder by clicking the ellipsis icon64107dc82ac45.png.


Select your preferred action from the dropdown list.

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