Executing a Single Test Case

Zephyr Scale Cloud gives your team the flexibility to execute test cases individually, without having to add them to a test cycle. Just create and link test cases or acceptance tests to user stories/bugs, then initiate the test execution directly from the Jira issue or Kanban board.

  • While viewing an open issue, navigate to the test case you want to execute in the Traceability section.

  • Click the Play icon to launch the test player and initiate the execution.

  • The Start a New Test Execution screen appears.

  • Select a tester, an environment, and a test-case version, then click Start.

  • The Test Player opens. Execute the test case.

  • Each test-case execution is given a unique key, which you can use to revisit the specific test-case information at any time. From the Jira issue to which it’s linked, just expand the list of executions, then click the preferred test-execution key to open the Test Player.

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