Test Cycle Creation Tips

In addition to creating test cycles from the Cycles view in Zephyr Scale, there are other ways to kick off test-cycle creation.

Create a Test Cycle from a Jira Issue

You can initiate the creation of a test cycle from a Jira issue by clicking the ellipses, then selecting Create Test Case. You are taken to the Details tab of the new test cycle, and the name of the test cycle defaults to the name of the Jira issue.


Create a Test Cycle from the Tests View - Method 1

In the Tests view, when you have at least one test case selected, the Create Test Cycle button appears.

Select the test cases you want in a test cycle, and click Create Test Cycle to begin creating your new test cycle.


The new test cycle is created in the All Test Cycles folder, which you can access from the Cycles view. You can drag-and-drop test cycles to move them from folder to folder.

Create a Test Cycle from the Tests View - Method 2

In the Tests view, if there is a folder of tests you'd like to make into a test cycle, hover over the folder and click the 64107ec5295ab.pngcog.

A list of options appears. Click Create Test Cycle to begin the creation process.

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