REST API (overview)

Zephyr Scale Cloud provides support for the top testing frameworks and languages in the software testing space, as well as continuous integration tools to ensure seamless reporting of test results inside of Jira.

For support on integration with Test Automation frameworks and languages, see here.

Please be aware that if you change a Jira project key, the REST API will require you to use the previous project key.

To begin using the REST API:

How It Works

You can import data, store test-automation execution results, or integrate any automated testing tools with Zephyr Scale's REST API. The HTTP-based REST API can be used from any framework, programming language, or tool.

Submitting data to Zephyr Scale via the REST API is done with simple POST/PUT requests. Requesting data is done with GET requests.

The base URL for API requests is:{endpoint}


When you post a test-execution result using the API and include a username, it appears as a manual execution. This design allows you to mark an execution as manual, even if it has been added via the API.

Help & Support

If you’re using Zephyr Scale and we don’t support your preferred tool/framework, please feel free to create a new ideas in our Ideas Portal so we can review and consider it for future development.

» Zephyr Scale Cloud Ideas

For any other questions or issues, please contact our support team here:

» Zephyr Scale Cloud Support

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