Manage Test Cases from a Jira Issue

Integration points between Jira and Zephyr Scale allow you to view and manage testing efforts, oftentimes without leaving the issue. From a Jira issue, you can link related traceability/coverage items, such as test cases and cycles, and you can view linked testing results at a glance.

Displaying Zephyr Scale Information in Jira Issues

  • To enable Zephyr Scale information to display in Jira Issues, click the Zephyr Scale logo on the Jira issue.

  • The Zephyr Scale section appears.

  • Depending on the linked and related Zephyr Scale items, test-related subsections may appear, as well.

  • You can disable the Zephyr Scale sections on the issue by clicking the Ellipses icon, then Hide Zephyr Scale.


Traceability/Coverage Links

  • You can view and access traceability links/info by clicking Traceability in the panel on the right side of the page.


Create and Link a New Test Case

  • Click the Create New Test Case (+ icon) in the issue’s Zephyr Scale section, and the Create Test Case screen appears.

  • Enter your test case information on each of the tabs.

  • The Jira issue is automatically linked on the Traceability tab of the new test case.

  • When you’ve added all the information for the new test case, click Save, and the test case, along with its status, appears on the Jira issue.


Create a Test Case on Another Project

Zephyr Scale also gives you the ability to create test cases for a project other than the project from which you’re viewing a Jira issue.

Just click the Dropdown icon in the issue’s Zephyr Scale section of the issue, then click Create Test Case on Another Project.

You’ll be prompted to select a project, then the Create Test Case appears, where you can add your test-case details.

Add and Link an Existing Test Case

You can define an issue’s test coverage by linking existing test cases to it.

  • Click the Dropdown icon in the issue’s Zephyr Scale section, then click Add Existing Test Case.

  • The selection screen appears, where you can select all of the existing test cases you want to add to the Jira issue.

  • After you make your selections, click Add, and the test case links, including the statuses, appear on the Jira issue.

  • And, as expected, the links are bi-directional, so not only do the test-case links appear on the Jira issue, but the link to the Jira issue appears on the test case’s Traceability tab.

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