Zephyr Squad to Scale Migration Guide


Over the last few months, we received many requests from clients to upgrade from Zephyr Squad to Zephyr Scale. As of today, this is not a native capability we provide, and upgrading to Zephyr Scale requires implementing scripts that rely on the Zephyr Squad and Scale APIs. To address this issue, we are currently working on a native built-in solution that enables to automatically upgrade from Zephyr Squad to Zephyr Scale.

You will find all the necessary information below and the related sub-sections to make sure that you have all the information needed to:

  • understand when the solution will be available

  • identify the additional features from Zephyr Scale

  • identify the Zephyr Squad features that will not be part of Zephyr Scale

  • identify the data lost and transformed during the upgrade

  • understand the impact on pricing and existing license

  • estimate time and effort required to upgrade

High-level Roadmap

Our team is currently working on a solution to upgrade from Squad to Scale. The first solution will only be available for an upgrade on our cloud versions.

If you are looking for a Squad Server to Scale Server upgrade, please reach out to our go.gifsupport team.

If you are evaluating the opportunity to make a Squad to Scale upgrade, please refer to the following pages to identify the current feature gaps and the data that is not migrated. This will ensure you have all the necessary information.

Here is our current roadmap to deliver the solution to upgrade:

  1. The registration for our beta program is open. It will be open until beta release of Self-serve migration.

    Click here to register for the beta program.

  2. The migration will work using the REST APIs. Our support team and our engineering team will support the migrations. Our team will first contact selected customers to validate if they are ready to start migrating to Scale. In the current version of the solution, we will support migrations by transferring test cases, test cycles and test executions without test steps audit history and BDD data. This means that the data related to test steps audit history and BDD data will be lost.

    There will be no mechanism to transfer additional data with the upgrade engine after the migration.

  3. In Q1 2024, we will be supporting migration by transferring test cases, test cycles and test executions without test steps audit history and BDD data.

  4. In Q2 2024, we will be supporting migration by upgrading with BDD test cases.

  5. In Q3 2024, we will be supporting migration by transferring BDD test executions and test steps audit history.

  6. In Q4 2024, the migration engine will be generally available, so all our customers can trigger the migration themselves.


All information by or on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not to be relied upon so for purchasing or planning purposes. The roadmap is subject to change or delay. The development, release, and timing remain dependent on these changes or delays.


Zephyr Squad and Zephyr Scale licenses are not interchangeable. Thus, you must buy a new Zephyr Scale license for your Jira instance when you upgrade. If there are more than six months left to run on the Zephyr Squad for Jira Cloud subscription, a pro-rata discount is available on request. The discount is in the form of a promo code which you can use to apply a discount on the new Zephyr Scale subscription. You can let the Zephyr Squad license expire.

During the upgrade/UAT phase, we can arrange for dual licensing upon request. We provide a limited free license if you have a paid or commercial license in place. If you have any questions about licenses, feel free to email [email protected]

Time and Efforts Required to Upgrade

To shorten the upgrade process, you can upload attachments to Scale Cloud Storage before the upgrade. It can take a few days or weeks depending on their size. You can migrate any attachments during the upgrade process even if you didn’t upload them to Scale Cloud Storage earlier.

We don’t recommend using Squad projects during the upgrade to avoid data inconsistencies. If the upgrade fails, you can run it again. However, it will overwrite the transferred data. We do not support delta transfer of objects created after the upgrade.

In the beta stage, you should use the REST APIs to manage the upgrade process

Note:The REST API endpoints are different for Zephyr Scale. If you are doing automation, you need to update your automation scripts with the new endpoints.

You cannot cancel or stop a running upgrade until it is in a completed state. A completed state would mean that upgrade finished or failed.

Register for Beta Program

The registration for our beta program is open. The program will be open for registrations until it is full or sometime in Q1 2023.

Click here to register for the beta program.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to our go.gifSupport team.

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