General Tab

Use the General tab to manage or delete the active product.

Manage Product

Use this page to manage the following properties of the active product:

  • Product description

  • Product logo

  • Product name

  • Product URL

  • Product visibility

Product Name

The product name appears on all your portal pages.

Product URL

The product URL is a unique web address used to access your product.

The product URL consists of the following parts:

  • A static path, which is your portal URL, for example

  • A configurable part, also known as "slug", for example catworld

Example 2. Custom URL for CatWorld Product


Changing the product URL breaks links and bookmarks pointing to the product.

Product Description

The product description appears on the title of your portal landing page.

Product Logo

The product logo is a small image that is shown on the left side of the top menu bar on your portal pages.

Table 2. Product Logo Properties



Minimum Horizontal Size

64 pixels

Minimum Vertical Size

64 pixels

File Format

  • GIF

  • JPG

  • PNG


The image file size cannot be more than 5 MB.

Delete Product


This option is only available for Organization Owners. Learn more here.


This action is permanent and cannot be undone.

Delete a product to:

  • Delete every documentation page from the product.

  • Unlink every API from the product.

  • Delete the active product from SwaggerHub Portal.

Select Delete Product to delete the active product.

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