Consumer View

This section explains the functions and layout of the consumer view. We recommend reading the topics in this section if you are new to SwaggerHub Portal.

Log In

To log into SwaggerHub Portal with SmartBear ID:

  1. Select the account button.

  2. Select Log In.

You are logged into SwaggerHub Portal.

Landing Page

The consumer view is the layout presented to visitors on your portal. When you open the consumer view, you see the portal landing page by default.


In the context of SwaggerHub Portal, it is a business solution made up from:

  • A collection of APIs.

  • A comprehensive documentation for the APIs.

  • Any other resources needed to integrate the APIs.

Products are shown as tiles on the landing page. Depending on their settings, products can be either:

  • Public products

  • Private products

Request Access

You may only have access to some of the products on your landing page. To access a product, make sure you are logged into your SBID account and then follow the steps below:

  1. Click Request Access on the product tile on your landing page.

  2. Add notes for the portal admin in a pop-up window (optional).

  3. Click Confirm.

  4. Wait for action from your portal admin. You will get an email notifying you if the access has been granted or denied.


You may be asked to verify your email address first if it's not already verified. It is possible to request the verification email again under your profile.

Top Menu

Learn more about Top Menu here.

Consume API

Learn more about consuming API here.

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