Main Screen

Use this page to:

  • View the active API.

  • Edit the active documentation page.

View Active API

Select an API in the side navigation panel to view its contents in the main screen.

Resolved State

The APIs in the provider view of SwaggerHub Portal are in an unresolved state. The API is in a resolved state after a Preview or Publish action. A resolved state means that the APIs also show:

  • Contents of external references, if there are external references in the API.

  • Domains information, if domains are referenced in the API in SwaggerHub.


You can only view APIs in SwaggerHub Portal. To edit APIs, go to SwaggerHub.

Try out OpenAPI

To try out an OpenAPI:

  1. Select an API endpoint to open its contents.

  2. Select Try it out.

Learn more about options for routing API requests here.

Edit Active Documentation Page

Select a documentation page in the side navigation panel to open it for editing on the main screen.

SwaggerHub Portal uses Markdown language to create formatted documentation pages.

SwaggerHub Portal supports syntax highlighting in code blocks for the following languages:

  • C++

  • Go

  • GraphQL

  • Java

  • js-extra

  • JSX

  • Kotlin

  • Markdown

  • Objective-C

  • Python

  • Reason

  • Ruby

  • Rust

  • Swift

  • TSX

  • YAML


Syntax highlighting is only visible in the consumer view.

Insert Endpoint

Select Insert Endpoint to add a URL for a specific endpoint to the page you're editing. The endpoint appears where the cursor is or at the top of the page if there's no cursor. The API opens at that endpoint when a consumer clicks on the link.

Save Documentation Page

Select Save to save the active documentation page.


Select the Markdown tab to open a split view that shows:

  • Markdown code on the left panel. This panel is for editing.

  • Formatted text on the right panel. This panel shows the documentation page as it appears on the published portal. This panel is for previewing.


Select the WYSIWYG tab to open the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor view.

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