Side Navigation Panel

Use the side navigation panel to:

  • Create new documentation pages.

  • Select the active documentation page.

  • Link APIs to the active product.

  • Unlink APIs from the active product.

  • Order and nest pages and APIs.

Notification Center

Notification Center is a collapsible panel that informs you about changes in your pages with unique statuses. Learn more about the meanings of each status in the Notification Center section.

Table of Contents

Click the plus button to:

  • Add new pages.

  • Link APIs.

Add Page

Select + and then Add Page to add a new documentation page to the active product.

Link API

Select + and then Link API to link a new API from SwaggerHub to the active product.


Selecting the Link API button shows a list of all the APIs in the connected SwaggerHub organization. To filter the list, select the drop-down button and select a SwaggerHub project.

Context Menu

Click the vertical ellipsis button to see the context menu of a page, subpage, or API.

Pages and subpages

The context menu allows you to:

  • Rename the page or subpage.

  • Add a subpage.

  • Link APIs.

  • Delete the page or subpage.


The context menu allows you to:

  • Edit the API.


    This action opens the API in SwaggerHub.

  • Rename the API.

  • Unlink the API.

Order Pages and APIs

You can rearrange the order of documentation pages and linked APIs using the drag-and-drop actions.

Nest Pages and APIs

Click the vertical ellipsis button next to a page and select Add Subpage or Link API.


  • There's no limit to nesting depth.

  • It is not possible to nest under an API.

  • Reorder items using drag and drop.

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