Consume API

Each topic in this section focuses on a different use case in the consumer view of SwaggerHub Portal.

Read these sections if you are already familiar with the basics of SwaggerHub Portal, and want to quickly learn the steps needed to complete a specific task.

Try out OpenAPI

To try out an OpenAPI:

  1. Select an API endpoint to open its contents.

  2. Select Try it out.

Learn more about options for routing API requests here.

Explore OpenAPI

You can test how your OpenAPI definitions behave with our SwaggerHub Explore integration. Read more about integrations here.

Code Snippets

Users can generate code snippets when APIs are rendered using our Elements integration.


Code snippets are only available for OpenAPI definitions, not AsyncAPI definitions.

Generate Code OpenAPI

OpenAPI definitions also allow you to generate code with the following options:

  • Client SDK

  • Server Stub

  • Documentation

For more information, see Generating Code in the SwaggerHub documentation.


Generating Code is not available in OAS 3.1.

Download OpenAPI

To download an OpenAPI definition:

  1. Select Generate Code.

  2. In the drop-down menu, select Download API.

  3. In the side menu, select one of the file formats:

    1. JSON

    2. YAML

Download AsyncAPI

To download an Async API:

  1. Select the Download API drop-down menu.

  2. Select one of the file formats:

    1. JSON

    2. YAML

The active AsyncAPI is downloaded.


SwaggerHub Portal shows and downloads APIs in resolved state.

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