Providers can effortlessly link their APIs to their API products in SwaggerHub Portal, to ensure that the APIs in the portal remain synchronized with the API designs in SwaggerHub. This integration brings the different stages of the API Software Development Lifecycle closer together to create a fluid flow from API development to API consumption.

Learn how to link APIs here.

Click here to learn more about SwaggerHub and visit the documentation.

SwaggerHub Explore

Providers and consumers can learn more about their OpenAPI definitions through our integration with SwaggerHub Explore. On the one hand, providers get insight into how the APIs behave, which helps them create meaningful documentation. On the other hand, consumers can learn how the APIs they would like to consume work by interacting with them via SwaggerHub Explore.

You have two options to try out the integration, either from your provider or consumer view:

  1. Click Open in Explore in the top bar to review and test the entire API.

  2. Click the Explore icon on the API endpoint explore-integration-compass.png to test a specific endpoint.

Click here to learn more about SwaggerHub Explore and visit the documentation.

Elements and SwaggerUI

Providers and consumers can choose to render their OpenAPI definitions using either of our open-source options - SwaggerUI or Elements. They can also toggle between both options depending on which setting the provider has chosen in the portal configuration.


Elements and SwaggerUI are managed as open-source projects, so development relies on open-source community contributors.


You can generate code snippets in the Elements User Interface.

Click here to learn more about Elements.

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