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Last modified on May 22, 2024

The navigation menu at the top of AlertSite 1.0 (classic interface) provides quick access to various dashboards, configuration screens, and other AlertSite features.

AlertSite 1.0 navigation menu

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The Dashboard provides a high-level overview of all your monitors, recent alerts and errors. See AlertSite 1.0 Dashboard for details.


The Status screen shows the current status and monitoring metrics for all monitors or specific monitor types. See AlertSite 1.0 Status Screen for details.

Menu Item Description
All Devices View the status of all your monitors.
Sites View the status of your website URL, API endpoint, email, FTP, TCP, DNS and ping monitors.
Transactions View the status of your real-browser (DéjàClick) monitors.
APIs View the status of your SoapUI monitors.
ServerAgents If you have private locations (Private Node Server or InSite), you can see their health metrics here, including CPU usage, memory usage, and other metrics.
Security Devices View your security scan status.


Use the Configure menu to create, edit, or delete monitors. Available menu items depend on your purchased plans and features.

Menu Item Description
Sites Create website URL, API endpoint, email, FTP, TCP, DNS and ping monitors, and view or change their monitoring settings.

View or change the monitoring settings for your real-browser (DéjàClick) monitors.

Note: New transactions must be uploaded using the DéjàClick toolbar. See Download and Upload DéjàClick Scripts.

APIs Create, configure or delete SoapUI monitors.
Selenium Scripts Create Selenium monitors, and view or change their monitoring settings.
Mobile Monitoring Create BitBar monitors, and view or change their monitoring settings.
ServerAgents If you use Private Node Server or InSite locations (private locations), here, you can configure ServerAgent to monitor the location health and resource usage, and set the warning and error thresholds for the monitored metrics.
Security Devices For security scan users only. Change the information for the system to be scanned and start an on-demand security scan.
InSite Locations If you have private locations, here, you can view their settings, status, and software version, as well as the list of monitors being monitored from these locations.
Bulk Settings Edit blackouts and service-level agreements for multiple monitors at once. See Bulk Editing.
SLA Objectives Create and edit service level agreements for your monitors.
Google Analytics Configure Google Analytics integration.
SSL Certificates Upload client-side SSL certificates and Java keystores to be used by web URL, API endpoint and SoapUI monitors. See Using SSL Certificates and Java Keystores.


Use the Notifiers menu to create and manage alert recipients, recipient groups and alert templates.

Menu Item Description
Notifiers Create and manage alert recipients, and create custom alert templates.
Notifier Groups Configure recipient groups to route alerts from different monitors to different recipients.


Menu Item Description
Performance Reports Create and schedule reports.
Document Manager View your saved reports in the Document Manager.
Scheduled Reports Change the report schedule (for existing scheduled reports).
Business Benchmarks Create benchmark reports that compare your website performance with other websites within the same industry.


Use the Charts screen to create interactive charts from your monitor data. See AlertSite 1.0 Charting for details.


Menu Item Description
Switch Account If you have subaccounts, use this command to switch to a subaccount or back to the parent account.
Manage Account View and change your contact information, AlertSite global preferences, and the default settings for new monitors.
Account Summary View your customer ID and current plan usage, including credits used (for Usage-Based accounts), and the number of alert recipients configured.
Purchase Credits View the contacts of your AlertSite account manager, whom you can contact to purchase additional product features or measurement credits.
Manage Users Create and manage users within your AlertSite account.
Change Password Change your password
Create a Site Seal Get HTML code to display the AlertSite site seal on your website.
Upload a Company Logo Upload a logo that will be used in reports and on the Dashboard.


Menu Item Description
Support Center View technical support contact info and links to the documentation.
Site Diagnostics Run a test on demand, traceroute or ping test.
Downloads Find download links for the DéjàClick browser plugin for Firefox and Chrome. (DéjàClick is the AlertSite web transaction recorder.)

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