Private Locations

Last modified on May 22, 2024

AlertSite provides over 80 monitoring locations around the world. In addition to these, you can set up private nodes – custom monitoring stations in your local network, data center, or on arbitrary computers. Private nodes help you monitor both internal and Internet-facing websites to make sure they are up and responding quickly.

Why use private locations

  • Monitor internal applications – CRM, ERP systems, intranet portals and others – that are not accessible from the public Internet.

  • Monitor public websites and APIs from inside the firewall – as experienced by your internal users.

  • Compare response times from inside and outside the firewall to troubleshoot performance problems.

  • Monitor critical applications from multiple regional offices.

  • Monitor on-premise applications at customer sites.

  • Add custom monitoring locations in addition to the 80+ locations provided by AlertSite.

Private location types

  • Private Node Server is a pre-configured virtual machine that can be deployed on VMware, Hyper-V or Amazon EC2 platforms. It works just like AlertSite’s global locations, but available just to you.

  • PrivateNode EndPoint is a desktop application for Windows, Mac or *nix. It works as a proxy for connections from AlertSite locations that perform the actual monitoring. PrivateNode EndPoint is useful for quick local diagnostics, or if your planned number of private locations makes using Private Node Server impractical, or if the location is missing the virtualization or server resources required for running Private Node Server.

Get started

That’s it!

For more details, see the documentation for Private Node Server and PrivateNode EndPoint.

How private locations work

A private location runs on your premises – inside or outside the firewall – and communicates with AlertSite over secure HTTPS connections. After a private location is registered in AlertSite, it appears as a new location in your global locations list, and you can start using it in your monitors.

Private nodes are completely integrated into the AlertSite platform. Results from private nodes are treated just like results from regular locations, so you can see aggregate dashboards and reports from all locations.

Connectivity alerts

A private node must always be up and running, and be connected to the AlertSite platform in order to provide uninterrupted monitoring. You can set up connectivity alerts to get notified when your private locations lose connection to AlertSite or stop reporting data, so you can quickly address any connectivity issues.

Manage your private locations

All of your registered private locations are displayed on the  > Settings > Private Locations screen (in AlertSite UXM) or the Configure > InSite Locations screen (in AlertSite 1.0). Here you can also add new locations. For details, see Managing Private Locations in AlertSite.

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