Usage-Based Monitoring

Last modified on May 22, 2024


Usage Based Monitoring provides a level of flexibility that is unique in the industry:

  • No monthly minimum/maximum usage requirements.

  • Up to 20% of unused measurement credits are rolled over into the next year's billing cycle for customers with annual billing.

  • North American and international monitoring prices are an average of 30% less than the competition.

AlertSite gives you complete control over the frequency of measurements taken, where your URLs are monitored from and how much you pay for monitoring services. Modify your monitoring frequency at any time: Dial it down when you require fewer measurements taken per day, turn it up if you need more. You can also change the services you use, including website performance monitoring, transaction monitoring, service level agreement (SLA) monitoring, email monitoring and others.

Usage-Based Monitoring FAQ

Why use Usage Based Monitoring?

Usage Based Monitoring gives you unprecedented control of your AlertSite account. Pay only for measurements you intend to use. Change your monitoring intervals at any time.

What is a Measurement?

A “measurement’ is defined as a single monitoring event from a single location (city), whether it is email monitoring, Web performance monitoring, or a DéjàClick action. If you are monitoring a website from 3 locations concurrently, that is counted as 3 measurements. If you are monitoring a DéjàClick transaction that contains 5 steps (actions) from 2 locations, that is 10 measurements.

What are Measurement Credits?

Usage Based Monitoring takes advantage of a simple and flexible measurement credit purchasing plan. Measurement credits are applied to any services that are part of AlertSite Monitoring Suite.

Credit Usage is calculated as follows:

Region Site and DéjàClick API endpoint SoapUI Selenium
Non-fullpage Fullpage
1 - United States and Canada 0.5 1.0 0.5 1.0 1.0
2 - All other countries 1.0 2.0 1.0 2.0 2.0
3 - Mobile network provider locations (ATT and Sprint) 2.0 4.0 2.0 4.0 n/a

Optional features also consume credits as follows:

Option Usage Credits
Page Capture 0.5
ContentView 0.25
User Experience 0.5
How do I know how many measurement credits I purchased, used, and have remaining?

To see your total credits purchased, used and remaining in your account, go to  > Usage Statistics in AlertSite UXM or to Account > Account Summary in AlertSite 1.0.

AlertSite also provides two reports, Usage Report and Usage Summary Report, which show your credit usage for a specific time period. You can create these reports in Reports – Performance Reports.

  • Reports show the number of measurement credits purchased, used, and remaining in your account. They also show the daily average number of credits used since the start of your contract, and/or the daily average for a specified time period.

  • Reports also show the amount of fullpage or non-fullpage measurement credits consumed for Region 1, Region 2, and Region 3 monitoring locations.

You can also set up an email alert in your account settings to notify you when a specific percentage of credits remain.

What happens if I do not use all of the measurement credits that I purchase in one year?

Usage Based Monitoring annual contracts can “roll over” up to 20% of unused prepaid measurement credits from one year to the next with renewal.

What happens if I run out of measurement credits?

To purchase additional credits, please contact your AlertSite sales representative. You can find the contact information on the Account > Purchase Credits screen in AlertSite 1.0.

Credit overage is billed in arrears at your overage rate.

How can I calculate the number of measurements I need?

Please contact your AlertSite sales representative to get a usage calculation. You can find your sales rep contact information on the Account > Purchase Credits in AlertSite 1.0.

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