VisualTest settings are controlled at project level. To access project settings, head to the test runs screen for the project in hand and select the settings icon:


Comparison mode

The comparison mode is set to Detailed by default. To change this, do as follows:

  1. Head to Project Detail in Settings.

  2. Find Default Comparison Mode in that panel.

  3. Click the Layout radio button.

  4. Select the sensitivity you want for your project.

  5. Hit Save.



You can customize your SDK to over-ride this default setting on a capture-by-capture basis. See SDKsfor examples.

For more information on comparison modes, see the Comparisons section.

Project token

The project token for the project you are in is available from the Project Token section of Settings:


Project detail

Project detail settings allow you to change the name of the project and its URL:



At the bottom of the Settings screen, the Action section allows you to Archive projects (this is reversible) and Delete projects (this is irreversible):


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