VisualTest is an SDK-based tool that catches visual bugs. It adds AI to your testing so that you focus only on the differences that matter. It takes baseline screenshots of the UI at specified points in time within the functional test workflow. During subsequent runs of the same test or regressions, VisualTest verifies your application’s look and feel by comparing the new and old screenshots for changes. It determines significant changes to your UI by processing pixel and DOM information and by using computer vision techniques, using one of the comparison engines: DOM Model or AI Model.

You can:

  • see a comparison of new screenshots against baseline images

  • confirm unintentional differences

  • report the findings

For examples of the kinds of bugs found, see Key advantages of visual testing.

During testing, VisualTest can capture the following kinds of screenshots:

  • fullpage – captures the whole page

  • viewport – captures the visible portion of the page

  • element – captures a specific visual element

It then detects and notifies your team of any visual changes that have occurred, to ensure that only intentional changes to the UI are pushed out to production.

The following video introduces you to the key functionalities available in VisualTest.

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