Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding VisualTest:

Using VisualTest

What kinds of application can I use with VisualTest?

VisualTest currently supports web + mobile web (based on the SDKs available and their range of support). Native mobile applications are on the roadmap.

Will VisualTest support other testing frameworks?

Yes, more frameworks will be added over time. You can vote on the ones you want to see through the Feedback button within the app:

Feedback is in the Profile menu

What comparison criteria does VisualTest use?

VisualTest compares the following:

  • image name

  • image type (fullpage, viewport, element)

  • operating system

  • browser type

  • screen resolution

If there is a difference in any of the criteria listed above, the submitted screenshot will create a new baseline to compare against for that combination of image name, image type, operating system, browser type, and resolution.

How do I integrate with BitBar?

Full information can be found here.

Can I use my own (local) devices? Can I use other device cloud providers?

Yes! Just make sure to initialize the VisualTest SDK, and we can work with either your local devices or any other device cloud providers.


How do I sign up for VisualTest?

Start a free trial at try.smartbear.com/visualtest.

How do I invite my team members to collaborate on VisualTest?

Anyone with Owner or Admin status can invite team members. Follow the guidance here.

What types of deployment models are available for VisualTest?

VisualTest is a SaaS application hosted by SmartBear. We will look to provide additional deployment models on a need-based basis in the future

The VisualTest API

Where can I find an API for VisualTest?

SwaggerDocs are here: https://api.visualtest.io/swagger/.

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