Setting the baseline

VisualTest first takes a baseline screen capture, and then compares screen captures in subsequent test runs to that baseline. Over time, the baseline is updated in the following ways:

  1. Added - new images added to the application under test

  2. Passed - images that automatically passed the last test run

  3. Accepted - images from the last test run marked as Accepted by reviewers

Use consistent baselines

VisualTest looks for a baseline to compare against by searching for the following variables:

  • Image name

  • Image type

    • Fullpage

    • Viewport

    • Element

  • Operating system

  • Browser type

  • Screen resolution

If any of the above change, the screen capture will be treated as a new baseline to compare against for that combination of variables. For this reason, it is important to stay consistent in the way you name images.

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