Last modified on March 2, 2018

AlertSite provides many reports for analyzing your website and API monitoring data. You can create reports at any time, and schedule them to be generated automatically.

Report Supported monitor types For one monitor For multiple monitors Can be exported to Report API
Business Benchmarks Web URL and DéjàClick monitors with the Fullpage Interval option,
SoapUI monitors
ContentView Summary DéjàClick monitors with ContentViews defined      
Daily All except ServerAgent   CSV, TSV, XML  
Detail All except ServerAgent   CSV, TSV, XML, JSON**
Hourly All except ServerAgent   CSV, TSV, XML  
Notifications Detail All    
Outage Detail All CSV, TSV, XML, JSON**
Page Objects Web URL and DéjàClick   XML**, JSON**
Regional Breakdown All except ServerAgent      
ServerAgent Comparison * All except Perfecto        
ServerAgent Detail * ServerAgent      
Scheduled Summary All    
Site Status Report All   XML**, JSON**  
SLA Detail All except ServerAgent   XML**
SLA Summary All except ServerAgent CSV, TSV, XML  
Statistics By Hour of Day All except ServerAgent      
Summary Statistics All    
Transaction Step DéjàClick, Selenium and SoapUI   CSV, TSV, XML
Transaction Step Summary DéjàClick, Selenium and SoapUI   CSV, TSV, XML, JSON**  
Usage Report All   Includes all monitors XML**, JSON**
Usage Report Summary * All   Includes all monitors    

* Reports that can be created only in AlertSite 1.0 (classic interface).

** Export to this format is only available using Report API, and not AlertSite report builder.

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