Last modified on January 19, 2018

This report is for website and DéjàClick monitors with the fullpage monitoring enabled. It shows the average response time for each page resource – image, JavaScript file, and so on, over the selected period.

Note: For DéjàClick monitors, the report can include data for only one page (action) of the transaction.
Page Objects Report

Report Options

You can customize the report contents using these options:

  • Graphs – Includes a graph that shows the response time of each page resource – image, CSS file and so on. To view just a specific resource on the graph, click it in the legend or click All to view all resources.

  • Report Details – Includes a table with all monitor runs over the selected period. You can drill down into run details by clicking the icons next to the runs.

Report Columns

For a description of the report columns, see Report Column Descriptions.

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