ServerAgent Detail Report

Last modified on August 16, 2021

This report shows a private location’s resource usage (CPU usage, memory usage, etc.) in both tabular and graphical formats. You must have ServerAgent set up and running on your private location to be able to create this report.

The report can cover a time period up to 8 days.

Creating the Report

Currently, you can create the ServerAgent Detail report in AlertSite 1.0 only:

  1. If you are using AlertSite UXM, select  > AlertSite 1.0 from the top menu to switch to AlertSite 1.0.

  2. Go to Reports > Performance Reports.

  3. Configure the report:

    • In the monitor list, select the ServerAgent that corresponds to your private location.

    • Select the report type ServerAgent Detail.

    • Under Includes, choose the data to include in the report: Graphs, Status Summary and/or Report Details.

    • Under Locations, choose whether to include data from the primary or secondary location that ServerAgent is reporting to.

    • Select the Date Range – either a relative period such as Today, or the exact start and end dates (a period up to 8 days).

  4. Click Create Report in the top right.

  5. When the report is ready, click the link to open the report.

Report Columns

Summary Statistics

This table summarizes various status codes reported by ServerAgent during the report period.

Column Description
Status The AlertSite status code. 0 means no errors. Errors have statuses 4030, 4040 and 4050.
Description The description of the AlertSite status code.
Count The number of times ServerAgent reported this status.

Report Details

Column Description
Metric The name of the metric ServerAgent is configured to monitor.
OK The number of times the metric value was within the threshold.
Warnings The number of times the metric value exceeded the warning threshold.
Errors The number of times the metric value exceeded the error threshold.
Server Unreachable The number of times ServerAgent did not report to AlertSite on time. This can indicate, for example, that the connection to the AlertSite platform was lost, or that ServerAgent was not running at the time.
Total Tests The total number of checks performed by ServerAgent for the selected time period.

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