Hourly Report

Last modified on May 22, 2024

The Hourly report shows the site availability status and average response time for each hour of the report period.

Hourly Summary Report

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Report options

When creating the report, you can customize the report contents by using the following options (they are in the Report Options section):

  • Graphs – A graph that shows the site’s availability during the selected period, and the hourly average response time from different locations.

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  • Site Load Analysis (for website monitors) or Transaction Load Analysis (for DéjàClick and API monitors) – The average, minimum and maximum response times observed during the report period.

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  • Fullpage Time Distribution – Only for website and DéjàClick monitors with the fullpage monitoring. Includes the distribution of base response time and full page response time.

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  • Status Summary – How many times each monitor status code was received, how many errors and warnings occurred, and alerts sent.

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  • Report Details – A table that shows the status and average response for each hour of the report period, for each location. The camera icon in each row opens the Detail report for the corresponding hour.

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Report columns

For a description of the report columns, see Report Column Descriptions.

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