Site Status Report

Last modified on May 22, 2024

This report shows the current status of the selected monitors and every location they use:

  • The latest status code (0 = success).

  • Website response time during the last check.

  • Date and time the site was last checked.

  • Date and time of the last error and warning.

Site Status Report

Report columns

For a description of the report columns, see Report Column Descriptions.


You can get the monitor status data in the XML and JSON formats by using AlertSite APIs (the Report API and Management API, respectively).

XML report

The following URL returns all monitor statuses for account C12345 as XML:

You can open this link in the browser, and the XML report data will be displayed. Make sure to replace the customer ID with yours.

To download the report using cURL or similar tools, include your AlertSite login and password for authentication:

curl -o report.xml -u [email protected]:password

For more information and parameters, see Site Status Report (API).

JSON report

To get monitor status data as JSON, use the GET /report-sitestatus operation of AlertSite Management API. For example:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN" -o report.json

You can filter the returned data by monitor type, status (OK/error), and other parameters. For more information, see Get Site Status Report.

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