What is SmartBear ID?

SmartBear has introduced new tools to improve customers’ experience when using and switching between SmartBear products.

SmartBear ID handles authentication of users, verifying them via SSO, social log-in, or their email address/password combination.

SmartBear License Management handles entitlements, allowing authenticated users to use the products for which they have ID-based license seats.

This approach allows customers to:

  • Use SmartBear products through a single log-in, facilitating trial

  • Manage users’ licenses across products through a single, centralized portal

  • Install SmartBear products in virtual and cloud environments without the need for a static IP

SmartBear ID and Auth0

SmartBear ID uses Auth0 for authentication and authorization. Auth0 is a widely used identity platform well-aligned with industry standards.

SmartBear ID Servers

The computer where your SmartBear product will run needs a connection to the SmartBear ID servers: 

go.gif https://profile.id.smartbear.com:443
go.gif https://profile-api.id.smartbear.com:443
go.gif https://auth.id.smartbear.com:443

Proxies and firewalls running in your network should allow access to these addresses. If needed, ask your network administrators for assistance in configuring the proxies and firewalls.

This access is needed both at the product start and during the product run. The addresses are for API servers, so they don’t have a user interface that appears in browsers. When products call those hosts, they add specific paths or URLs to the addresses.


We encrypt all data at rest and over the wire.

Mandatory email verification

Starting March 7, 2024, users who have not verified their email address and password must complete the verification process upon their next login.

For more details, see Manage Your Data.

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