Last modified on March 2, 2018

Each user in AlertSite is assigned a role that controls what the user can and cannot do within a company’s AlertSite account.

There are five user roles in AlertSite:

  • Admin – The account owner. Has full access to all areas of AlertSite.

  • Co-Admin – Has full access to all areas of AlertSite. Can add and modify all users except for Admin.

  • Power-User – Has full access to all areas of AlertSite except for user management.

  • Read-Only – Can view all AlertSite dashboards, but cannot create or edit monitors. Can create and schedule reports, but not delete them.

  • Report-Only – In AlertSite, this role grants the same permissions as the Read-Only role. In AlertSite 1.0 (classic interface), it limits user access only to Reports (except for scheduled reports), Charts, Account (Change Password and Mailing Lists) and Support.

Role Permissions

Note: “UXM” means the user has access to this feature in AlertSite UXM (new interface) but not AlertSite 1.0 (classic interface).
Admin Co-Admin Power-User Read-Only Report-Only
Account and User Management
Change AlertSite global preferences
Create, edit and delete users ✔ (except for Admin)
Lock and unlock users
Request creating subaccounts
Switch to subaccounts
Configure single sign-on settings
Create, edit and delete monitors (including monitor blackouts)
Create, edit and delete monitor groups
View monitors and monitor groups ✔ (UXM)
Add, edit and delete monitor notes
View monitor notes ✔ (UXM)
View monitoring results ✔ (UXM)
Run a test on demand ✔ (UXM) ✔ (UXM)
Create, edit and delete alert recipients and recipient groups
View alert recipients ✔ (UXM) ✔ (UXM)
View recipient groups
Receive alerts (provided the user was added to alert recipients)
View alert templates ✔ (UXM) ✔ (UXM)
Change alert templates
Charting & Reporting
View and create charts
Run reports
Schedule reports
Edit report schedule ✔ (UXM) ✔ (UXM)
Delete scheduled reports
Access reports in Document Manager
Delete reports from Document Manager
Create dashboard views
Create, edit and delete service level agreements (SLA)

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