AlertSite FAQ

Last modified on May 14, 2021

General Questions about AlertSite Services

What are AlertSite Web site monitoring services?

What operating system is used by the AlertSite monitoring locations?

How do I unsubscribe from automated System and Network Notifications emails if I am not logged in to my account?

Monitoring Questions

How does monitoring, verification, and alerting work?

How do I change monitoring locations for one of my monitors? For all monitors?

My IP address changed. Do I need to do anything?

I'm sure that my site is up. Why does your service say that it is down?

I am getting Status 51 errors. How do you handle DNS?

How do you detect that my page has changed?

Why does my Round-Trip Email monitor show 999.999.999.999 as the IP address in the Monitoring Console Status list?

How long do you wait for my site to respond to a test?

Can I monitor a Secure FTP (SFTP) Site? What are my limitations for monitoring a secure FTP Site?

How do I filter out traffic from the AlertSite monitoring locations?

How do I filter out AlertSite monitoring hits from my Google Analytics data?

How do I filter out AlertSite from Analytics using User Agent in DéjàClick?

Does AlertSite have the ability to turn off JavaScript when monitoring an application?

How can I identify a latency issue for one particular monitoring location?

I see that my monitoring has been automatically disabled. How does this happen?

Does AlertSite monitoring support NTLM?

Can AlertSite monitor IPv6 websites?

Server Questions

What are the IP addresses of your monitoring servers?

Which Internet backbones do you utilize to monitor my site?

Why does it seem to take a while for the monitoring data to show up in AlertSite or the reports?

Alert Questions

Can I customize alert contents?

How do I receive alerts on my pager?

The time on the alerts and reports that you send to me is different than my time. Can I change that?

I sometimes get alerts for Internet errors beyond my control. I would prefer not to be bothered with these. What should I do?

How might I use alert escalation?

Is there a way to group recipients?

Report Questions

How would I add or change recipients for the daily, weekly and monthly reports?

Why don't my reports show an equal number of Fullpage checks compared with my regular checks in Round Robin mode?

What are the Total Transaction Time and Individual Page Time in the Fullpage Time Distribution section of the Detail Report?

What does "Cancelled" mean in the HTTP Status column of the Report Details?

What does "Content" mean in the Load Analysis table, or "Content Download" in the Report Details?

Why do I see Status 82 in my AlertSite and in reports when the transaction completed within the configured timeout?

Why does it take longer to trigger and receive Performance Alerts as opposed to Availability Alerts?

Private Node Server & InSite Questions

Security Scan Questions

I don't use PHP. Why does the vulnerability report show numerous cases of PHP-related issues in scan?

Why do I keep receiving daily emails from the Security Scan? It says either 'new' or 'no longer detected'.

Got other questions?

Contact your AlertSite account manager. You can find the contact information in AlertSite 1.0, on the Support > Support Center screen.

To contact one of our Performance Advisors, email or call 954-312-0188.

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