DéjàClick FAQ

Last modified on May 22, 2024

Does DéjàClick record keyboard key strokes as well?

What is the best way to go back a page?

Can I choose to omit the notice box that confirms a replay has completed successfully?

Is there a way to open each bookmarked site in its own individual tab?

Is there a way to change the recorded drop-menu item, for example, if I want to change from the 5th item in the drop-down menu to the 10th item?

Does DéjàClick have a way to show how long it takes the browser to display my page?

Does DéjàClick support variable input for HTML forms?

How do I filter out AlertSite monitoring hits from Google Analytics?

How do I filter out AlertSite monitoring hits from web server logs (analytics software) by using User Agent in DéjàClick?

How can I record and monitor an Internet Explorer-friendly website with DéjàClick in the Firefox Browser?

How do I modify my User Agent String in DéjàClick to emulate Internet Explorer?

Where can I find a User Agent string example if I recorded using a different version of IE.x?

Is it possible to reuse a variable generated in one step for all steps in the transaction that use that variable?

Is there a way to verify the presence (or absence) of text on a screen?

How do I set the session cookie in my DéjàClick script?

Can I execute JavaScript code in DéjàClick?

Is there a way to run my script when Firefox starts up?

Can I check for keywords in the HTML source code?

I recorded a script with a login and password, but the password has changed. Can I modify my script or do I have to re-record it?

Why does DéjàClick leave open sessions from our application after a measurement is taken? Is the Firefox browser closed after each test is done?

I need to allow the user of the script to enter some text midway through the script. Is there a way to pause and resume a script during recording and later during playback?

I have an existing script and I'd like to append to the end of it. How can this be done?

What do I do when I get a Status 93 error from AlertSite because of an unexpected dialog pop-up in my transaction?

I don't seem to be able to use TrueScreen. What's wrong?

Why do I see Status 82 in my AlertSite console and reports when the transaction completed within the specified timeout?

Why does the Capture screen show a page with Private Browsing in my report drilldown?

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