UI and Tasks

Applies to QAComplete 14.4, last modified on May 20, 2024

In this section, you will find a description of the basic tasks you can perform in the QAComplete UI.

In This Section

Navigation, Folders and Grouping

Describes how to navigate through your projects and use folders and groups to organize items.

Create Items From Recent Entries

Describes how to create new items using data from recently created items.

Note: To learn how to create items of a specific type, see the corresponding sections in the documentation.

Delete Items

Describes how to delete items from QAComplete.

Linked Items

Describes how to create logical connections between QAComplete items.

Comments (Notes)

Describes how to publish comments on items and add informative notes.

Attachments (Files)

Describes how to attach files to QAComplete items.

View History of Changes

Describes how to view the history of an item.

Print and Review

Describes how to view an item and print its information.


Describes how to use the built-in email client.

Search and Filters

This section contains information about searching and search filters.

Tools (Actions) Menu

Provides information about the options available to you in the Tools (Actions) menu.

Bulk Edits

Describes how you can apply changes to multiple items at once.

Working With Multiple Browser Tabs

Describes how you can work with QAComplete when using multiple browser tabs.

Rich Text Editor

Describes the built-in Rich Text editor you can use to describe your items.

Quick Links

Describes the quick links which you can use to directly access QAComplete items.

Personal Preferences

Describes the settings that affect only the current user’s profile.

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