Collaborator Settings

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on May 06, 2024

As a system administrator, you can configure the Collaborator settings to however you would like. This may be useful in better managing users and how they perform reviews.

To change and view these settings, click Admin at the top menu bar of Collaborator. This button is available to Collaborator administrators and users with advanced user permissions. Administrators can modify all administrative settings, while users with advanced permissions could modify a limited number of settings depending on what permissions they have.

The Admin toolbar item

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In This Section

The administrative settings are grouped into several categories.

General Settings

Learn more about system-wide settings that control Collaborator look, feel, abilities, and behavior.


See how you can configure SMTP server settings and email notifications.

Version Control

Integrate source control systems with your Collaborator instance.


Run external scripts and applications on certain events.


Configure licensing of your Collaborator server.

Additional Login Options

Configure authentication to Collaborator using third-party accounts.


Configure integration with third-party systems – JIRA, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket.

System Status

Learn more about your Collaborator server, database, and active connections.


Create user accounts, view usage statistics.


Create and organize user groups for reporting, filtering, and managing.

Review Templates

Create and manage review templates.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields for various purposes.


Create and manage lists of items to check in each review.


Configure permissions and privileges of review participants.

Automatic Links

Configure regular expression patterns to treat certain text fragments as links.

Notification Templates

Customize the content of notification emails.

Archive Content Cache Data

Move unused files from the content storage.

Savings Report

Learn how much money you have saved by using Collaborator.

Syntax Highlighting

Add, manage, and delete syntax highlighting settings for various languages.

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