Admin Tasks

Applies to Collaborator 14.6, last modified on July 10, 2024

This section covers different aspects of server management and administration.

In This Section

Network Configuration

Describes how to configure server proxies and other network configuration.


Explains how Collaborator is licensed and other license-related questions.

Content Storage

Explains how to organize storage for the uploaded files.

Server Backup, Restore, and Migrate

Describes how to backup a Collaborator server, restore it from the backup, and how to migrate data between databases.

Security Considerations

Covers various options which affect the overall security of the system.

LDAP and Active Directory Authentication

Describes how to establish LDAP or Active Directory authentication.

Configure HTTPS

Describes how to configure HTTPS connections.

Single Sign-On

Describes how to configure Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication.

JMX Monitoring

Describes how to use the standard built-in network monitoring system in Java.

High Availability – Best Practices

Describes how to establish a test server.

Variable Substitution

Describes the built-in system of variable substitution.

Brand Your Server

Describes how to customize the web interface with your company logo.

Automatically create reviews for Simulink models from remote repositories

Describes how to automatically export and upload Simulink models from remote repositories.

Migrating remote repositories

Describes how to migrate an existing repository hosting integration to a new URL.


Describes the logging system of the Collaborator server.


Describes administrator actions in case of troubles.


Describes convenient ways to increase the performance of your server.

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