Savings Report

Applies to Collaborator 14.6, last modified on July 10, 2024

This page illustrates the benefits of a code review with Collaborator. It shows how much time and money Collaborator is likely to save your team.

The savings report graph

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We use the following metrics:

  • Labor Cost – Developer time saved by using Collaborator to do reviews.

  • Defects cost – The cost to find and fix bugs discovered in QA or after product release, with the cost to find and fix bugs found by developers during code review.

To export the savings report in a printable format, click PDF in the upper right corner.

Savings report: The Calculations and Assumptions section

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This data is calculated automatically. The default numbers come from industry-standard sources, including some of our own customer data.

Savings report: The assumed values in metrics

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To get a personalized calculation, please specify the following initial data that better reflect your code review process:

Option Description
Number of people per review Number of people that usually take part in one review. You can get Minimal and Minimal required number of participants from the Role configuration settings.
Number of defects found per review Average number of defects found in a single review.
Number of hours spent per reviews per person How much time one person spends on a single review.
Studies show that developers find a bug every 10-15 minutes with Collaborator – that is, 4.8 bugs per hour.
Labor cost per hour Average per hour salary of your developers.
Number of reviews per month Average number of reviews in a month.
For example, the SmartBear team of 5 developers does 75 reviews per month. For a team of 25, that review frequency would be 375 reviews per month.
Defect cost, discovered in Development The cost of a defect found during development.
Code review typically costs 30% that of QA because bugs are found faster, and locations and methods of fixes are already identified.
Defect cost, discovered in QA The cost of a defect found during quality assurance.
Defect cost, discovered by customer The cost of a defect found in production.
% more defects found/fixed using Collaborator How many defects were found by code reviews with Collaborator.
We have chosen 30% as a default but feel free to change it. If your current code review process is not finding many bugs, then you should probably increase this value.

Once ready, click Recalculate.

Tip: The Fun Facts section may help you in filling in the assumptions data, as it displays the code review statistics within the previous 30 days.

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