Delete and Archive

Applies to Zephyr Scale Cloud, last modified on June 15, 2023.

You can delete or archive any custom settings you make to Zephyr Scale.

  • Delete - Permanent removal from the app.
  • Archive - Renders the option invisible and inactive throughout Zephyr Scale but saves it in the configuration settings in case you want to activate it later.

Hover over any row. Choose Delete or Archive.

The app will ask you to verify your choice after you click Delete. Remember that deletion is permanent. 

You can't delete items that are in use within the app.

If you click Archive, your item becomes gray and inactive. 

Click Unarchive to reactivate it.  


You can only delete labels. You can't archive them.

When you delete a label, the app informs you on how the label is used throughout Zephyr Scale

You can select a replacement label if the test artifacts use the label you want to delete.  If you select None, there is no replacement for the label you delete.

You can also delete all labels that are not in use:

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