Creating a Test Case

Applies to Zephyr Scale Cloud, last modified on July 24, 2023.

This task offers an example of how to create a test case, and it highlights important aspects of the creation process.

1. Access Zephyr Scale from the project you are in. 

2. In the Folders panel, click New Folder, name the folder, then click the check.

The new folder is saved. You can also click an existing folder in which you want to create a new test case.

3. Click New Test Case:

The Create Test Case screen appears.

4. On the Details tab, add your desired information.

  • Folder is the destination of your test case. You specified a folder in Step 2.
  • Status is not related to an execution result. It’s the status of the readiness of the test to be planned and executed.
  • Components are obtained from Jira and can be added/managed on the Jira project’s administration page.

5. Click the Test Script tab, and fill in the test-case steps.

Add and delete options appear when focus is on a step. You can drag-and-drop to reorder steps, as well.

Fill out the information on the remaining tabs.

On the Traceability tab, use to link an existing issue from Jira to the test case, or use + to create and link a new issue to the test case. You can also link Web URLs.

On the Execution tab, you can track previous test-execution results.

On the Attachments tab, you can attach files to the test case.

On the Comments tab, you can add comments to your test cases.

On the History tab, you can track changes done to the test case.

7. Click Save. The test case saves, and a notification appears on the screen.

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