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We know that testing fits inside a complex workflow with a vast set of tools. Integrate CrossBrowserTesting with some of your favorite tools to build faster, test continuously, and communicate quality with the entire team.

CrossBrowserTesting provides a powerful and useful API which allows you to implement our browser testing services within your own web and desktop applications via HTTP, enabling you to customize your website-testing process and workflow. Using the API, the CrossBrowserTesting services can be integrated into other tools.

To learn more about API, see CrossBrowserTesting API.

Additionally, we have a number of integrations readily available for your favorite tools.

Collaborating Integrations


Slack integration allows users to automatically trigger, or manually share, test results to one or more Slack channels.


Create JIRA tasks and bugs from inside CrossBrowserTesting - share screenshots, network snapshots, video recordings, and test results with your Jira project.

Zephyr for Jira

Zephyr is the world's most widely used test management solution - all native inside Jira.

Deployment Integrations


Jenkins is an open source Continuous Integration tool that helps developers and DevOps engineers deploy at an agile pace.


TeamCity is a Continuous Integration tool built by JetBrains that allows easy CI/CD out of the box.

Visual Studio Team Services

VSTS is a powerful Continuous Integration cloud platform for agile teams that live in Microsoft's Ecosystem.

Testing Integrations


Selenium is an open source testing tool that allows users to test web applications across different browsers and platforms. Selenium includes a suite of software that developers can use to automate web applications including IDE, RC, WebDriver and Selenium grid.


Appium is like Selenium but for mobile devices - it allows us to test mobile browsers.


Applitools is the leader in AI-powered visual comparisons, allowing you to analyze your website down to the pixel


Take screenshots and run selenium scripts with every push on the worlds largest Git repository.


An example of how you can use CrossBrowserTesting Automated Testing with Bitbucket pipelines to test a local development server.


Lighthouse analyzes web apps and web pages, collecting modern performance metrics and insights on developer best practices.


TestComplete is an automated software testing tool that enables you to create, manage and execute tests for desktop, web and RIA applications. Create a web test on your local computer with TestComplete and then reuse it in a wider range of web browsers and platforms supported by CrossBrowserTesting.


TestRail-CBT integration is created to help our users easily upload their test results to their test runs using TestRail's provided API.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a powerful platform for creating Web, Mobile, and API tests. Katalon’s Studio Recorder allows users to Record and Replay tests with relative ease and generate a Selenium script from that session.

Testing Frameworks Integrations


Behat is a BDD framework for PHP. Create business driven tests with simple Gherkin-style syntax.


Behave is a popular BDD framework for performing tests, and, because Behave is built on Python's Selenium language bindings, performing Behavioural Driven testing on CBT is easy.


Bobcat is framework dedicated to automated functional testing of web applications. It wraps Selenium, so anything possible in raw Selenium can be done with Bobcat.


Capybara is a common testing framework for testing web applications in Ruby.


A massive and extensible framework for PHP enthusiats, Codeception combines BDD and simple browser automation.


CodeceptJS is a multi-backend testing framework. It can execute tests using different libraries like WebDriverIO, Puppeteer, Protractor, and so on.

Cucumber Java

Cucumber is a leading BDD framework that works with many languages. If you are starting out with BDD, start here. Learn how to use Cucumber with Java.


Cucumber is a leading BDD framework that works with many languages. If you are starting out with BDD, start here. Learn how to use Cucumber with JavaScript.

Cucumber Ruby

Cucumber is a leading BDD framework that works with many languages. If you are starting out with BDD, start here. Learn how to use Cucumber with Ruby.


Gauge is a cross-platform test automation tool that uses markdown to author test cases and scenarios


A flexible Node.js testing framework made for asynchronus TDD or BDD testing.


Jasmine is a behavior-driven development framework. It is non-dependent on other JavaScript frameworks and makes writing tests easy.


Jest is a JavaScript Testing Framework with a focus on simplicity. Our main focus is using Jest with Selenium.


JUnit is a Java unit testing framework that is useful for creating scalable and repeatable tests.


A flexible Node.js testing framework made for asynchronus TDD or BDD testing.


Lettuce is a BDD framework for Python. Behavior-driven development(BDD) works well for agile, business driven teams.


Mocha is a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running for asynchronous testing on Node.js.


An easy to use Node.js based End-to-End testing solution for browser based apps and websites.


NUnit provides a powerful platform for performing unit tests. Combined with the capabilities of Selenium, you can quickly start testing your web application.


Protractor is the most popular end-to-end test framework for AngularJS applications.


Robot is an open source automation framework for acceptance testing that uses an easy-to-use tabular test data syntax and keyword driven testing approach.


Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby. Making TDD Productive and Fun.


Selenium is an automated testing framework used to validate web applications across different browsers and platforms. It supports multiple programming languages like Java, C#, Python, and so on.

Serenity Java

Serenity is a behavior-driven development framework for Java.


SpecFlow is a BDD framework developers familiar with C#. It brings the power of Cucumber to .Net.


TestNG is testing framework for Java.


Watir is a WebDriver for Ruby, allowing quick web testing straight from a gem.


WebdriverIO is a powerful framework that lets you test asnchronously with Node.js.


Zalenium is a flexible and scalable container based Selenium Grid.

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