TeamCity Integration

Applies to CrossBrowserTesting SaaS, last modified on January 19, 2022

For this document, we provide example tests located in our TeamCity plugin GitHub Repository.

TeamCity is a powerful continuous integration tool. In this guide we will use TeamCity along with our TeamCity Plugin for testing using the Selenium WebDriver and the Python programming language.

Set up TeamCity

  1. Visit the TeamCity download page and select the appropriate file version based on your Operating System.

  2. After the TeamCity Application is installed, run the following command from the terminal/command prompt: start/runAll.bat start

  3. Navigate to http://localhost:8111 or http://localhost (Windows) and finish set up by creating a user.

Install our TeamCity plugin

  1. Download the CBT TeamCity plugin zip file.

  2. From the Administration page, click the Plugins List link.

  3. Click the Upload plugin zip button.

  4. Add the zip file of the CrossBrowserTesting Plugin. Click Save.

  5. Restart the TeamCity server.

  1. Download CBT TeamCity plugin zip file.

  2. Save the downloaded zip file into your <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins directory.

  3. Restart the TeamCity server.

Run a test

Note: You will need to use your Username and Authkey to run your tests on CrossBrowserTesting. To get yours, sign up for a free trial or purchase a plan.
  1. Start a new project.

  2. Download and install the Python Runner plugin for TeamCity.

  3. Select Add build step from the Build Steps page.

  4. Select Python from the Runner type list and paste the following python script in the Python script source box:


    import unittest
    from selenium import webdriver
    from import By
    from import WebDriverWait
    from import expected_conditions as EC
    import requests, time
    import os

    class SeleniumCBT(unittest.TestCase):
        def setUp(self):

            self.username = os.environ.get("CBT_USERNAME")
            self.authkey = os.environ.get("CBT_APIKEY")

            self.api_session = requests.Session()
            self.api_session.auth = (self.username,self.authkey)
            self.test_result = None
            caps = {}

            caps['name'] = os.environ.get("CBT_BUILD_NAME")
            caps['os_api_name'] = os.environ.get("CBT_OPERATING_SYSTEM")
            caps['browser_api_name'] =os.environ.get("CBT_BROWSER")
            caps['screen_resolution'] = os.environ.get("CBT_RESOLUTION")
            caps['record_video'] = 'true'
                self.driver = webdriver.Remote(
                command_executor=""%(self.username, self.authkey))
            except Exception as e:
                raise e
        def test_CBT(self):


                self.assertEqual(self.driver.title, 'Selenium Test Example Page')
                self.test_result = 'pass'
            except AssertionError as e:
                # log the error message, and set the score
                self.api_session.put('' + self.driver.session_id + '/snapshots/' + snapshot_hash,
                    data={'description':"AssertionError: " + str(e)})
                self.test_result = 'fail'

            # Here we make the api call to set the test's score
            # Pass if it passes, fail if an assertion fails, unset if the test didn't finish
            ifself.test_result is not None:
                self.api_session.put('' + self.driver.session_id,
                    data={'action':'set_score', 'score':self.test_result})
    if __name__ == '__main__':

  5. Select Add build feature from the Build Features page.

  6. Select CrossBrowserTesting from the Build feature list and configure.

  7. Click the Run button and view your results.

Environment variables

The CrossBrowserTesting TeamCity Plugin passes your build step information to your Selenium scripts as environment variables. The exact syntax will vary depending on your scripting language.

Variable Description
CBT_USERNAME The username used on CrossBrowserTesting for Selenium Testing.
CBT_APIKEY The API key used on CrossBrowserTesting for Selenium Testing.
CBT_BUILD_NAME The TeamCity Project's name.
CBT_BUILD_NUMBER The TeamCity Project’s current build number.
CBT_OPERATING_SYSTEM The apiname of the selected Operating System.
CBT_BROWSER The apiname of the selected Browser.
CBT_BROWSERS An array of JSON objects containing the "operating_system", "browser", "resolution", and "browserName" of each configuration specified.
CBT_RESOLUTION The name of the selected Screen Resolution.

Use a local connection

If you would like to test behind your firewall or access non-public sites, you can use our local connection tool directly through our TeamCity plugin. Simply check Use Local Tunnel check box. (The CrossBrowserTesting Node.js Tunnel must be installed globally).

Local connection

Click the image to enlarge it.


By following the steps outlined in this guide, you are now able to seamlessly integrate TeamCity and CrossBrowserTesting. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

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