TestComplete Integration

Applies to CrossBrowserTesting SaaS, last modified on January 10, 2023

TestComplete is an automated software testing tool that enables you to create, manage and execute tests for desktop, web and RIA applications. It offers recording, playback and verification of UI actions using visual keyword tests or traditional scripted tests.

The main idea is to create a single web test on your local computer with TestComplete and then reuse it in a wider range of web browsers and platforms supported by CrossBrowserTesting. To achieve this, you would need a TestComplete with Device Cloud add-on which provides support for Selenium Grid, as well as a number of features to simplify running cross-platform web tests in CrossBrowserTesting environments.


To learn more about creating cross-platform web tests, see TestComplete documentation.


  • CrossBrowserTesting account with an active automation plan.

  • An active license for the TestComplete Web Module and for the Device Cloud add-on.

  • TestComplete 14.4 or later with Web Module and Device Cloud add-on be installed on your local computer.

  • The CrossBrowserTesting web site must be accessible from the computer where TestComplete is installed.

Try TestComplete for free

If you are interested in trying TestComplete, download a free trial from our web site:


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