Running a Screenshot Test With a Git Commit or Push

Applies to CrossBrowserTesting SaaS, last modified on January 19, 2022

We have added a new feature for all of you users. You can now run a screenshot using a GitHub Webhook. GitHub Webhooks are powerful and now in combination with CrossBrowserTesting you have the ability to run a Screenshot Test for your awesome website on every push to GitHub.

  1. From your repository Settings page, select Webhooks and services.

  2. Select Add Webhook.

  3. Set the Payload URL to

  4. Set the Content type to application/json.

  5. Select which event that you want to trigger the Screenshot Webhook.

  6. Set it to Active.

  7. Finally, select Add Webhook.

Webhook and services settings

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Our Screenshots API accepts the parameters for GitHub Webhooks as query parameters. For example:

curl --user USERNAME:AUTHKEY --data "browser_list_name=THELIST&url=,"

Note: Some characters may need to be URL encoded (for example, @=%40).

In addition to the Screenshots GitHub Webhook, we have also added "send_email" and "email_list" options.

The "send_email" option will send you an email once the Screenshot Test is finished.

You can provide an "email_list" to notify other people, otherwise the email will send to the account holder's email address.

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