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Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

When you buy a Pro license for any tool from the ReadyAPI package (ReadyAPI Test, ReadyAPI Performance, or ReadyAPI Virtualization), you will get full access both to the Basic and Pro features of that tool, as well as to the Basic features of all other ReadyAPI tools.

To try the Pro features of other tools, click Activate Trial in the tool you need or sign up for a ReadyAPI Test, ReadyAPI Performance or ReadyAPI Virtualization trial.

Trial licenses can be used for 14 days and have all the benefits of Pro licenses. If you want to try ReadyAPI, but you are not sure how to get started, we recommend that you get a ReadyAPI Test trial.

ReadyAPI common features

The table below lists features that are common for all ReadyAPI tools (ReadyAPI Test, ReadyAPI Performance, and ReadyAPI Virtualization).

Feature Any Pro License
Verifying responses with assertions Included
Test logs Included
Testing from recordings (discovering) Included
JMS support Included
Property expansions Included
Plugin support Included
Multiple environments Included
Groovy templates Included
Creating reports Included
Technical support Included
Git integration Included

ReadyAPI Test features

The table below lists Basic and Pro features that are specific for ReadyAPI Test.

Feature Basic Pro
SOAP and REST testing Included Included
Manual testing Included Included
Complex scenarios Included Included
Basic security scans Included Included
GraphQL test steps   Included
Event-driven testing (Kafka)   Included
Coverage tests   Included
Data-driven testing   Included
Dynamic data generation   Included
Smart assertion   Included
Test debugging   Included
Groovy script debugging   Included
Refactoring REST projects   Included
Refactoring SOAP projects   Included
Examining raw request data in the JDBC Request test step   Included
Some test steps for execution flow control and functionality validation   Included

Special tile on the Dashboard.

Automated functional tests   Included
Slack integration   Included
Advanced security scans   Included
Endpoint security scans   Included
Extract parameters   Included
Automated security tests   Included
Security test tile on the Dashboard   Included

ReadyAPI Performance features

The table below lists Basic and Pro features that are specific for ReadyAPI Performance.

Feature Basic Pro
Running load tests Included Included
Virtual users simulation with load profiles Included Included
Distributed testing   Included
Cloud testing   Included
Server monitoring   Included
Detailed statistics   Included
Multiple scenario simulation   Included
Load templates for configuring of a load testing scenario   Included
Simulation of large number of virtual users   Included
Execution of individual scenario pieces one by one and in cycles   Included
Ramp Sequence and Random load profiles   Included
Setup and Teardown scripts   Included
Automated load tests   Included
Special tile on the Dashboard   Included

ReadyAPI Virtualization features

The table below lists Basic and Pro features that are specific for ReadyAPI Virtualization.

Feature Basic Pro
REST and SOAP virtual services Included Included
Multiple responses for the same request (response dispatching) Included Included
Customize response headers, contents, and status codes Included Included
Running virtual services on local computer Included Included
Editing multiple operations Included Included
Command-line interface to VirtServer Included Included
SSL for virtual services Included Included
JMS, JDBC, and TCP virtual services Included
Running virtual services on remote machines (integration with VirtServer)   Included
Recording requests and responses (discovering)   Included
Routing requests to real service   Included
Simulating server capacity and network bandwidth   Included
Simulating erroneous behavior   Included
Authorization support   Included
Using data sources   Included
Running virtual services from the command line   Included
Special tile on the Dashboard   Included

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