Logs in ReadyAPI

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

ReadyAPI logs provide information about events that happen in ReadyAPI.

ReadyAPI Logs: Logs location

Click the image to enlarge it.

View Logs

To view the logs, click Show Logs in the lowermost left corner.

Show Logs

Available Logs

You can access the following logs:

Log Contains
ReadyAPI log Project level events.
HTTP log HTTP message exchange.
Jetty log Information about built-in Jetty web server.
Error log ReadyAPI application errors and stack trace logs for them.
WS-RM log WS-Reliable messaging events in ReadyAPI.
Script log Information posted to log by scripts.
Performance log Information about load test runs in ReadyAPI Performance.
Download all logs as ZIP File Download available logs as a ZIP file for seamless sharing in a support case.

Context Menu

To configure ReadyAPI logs, right-click in the log editor. The context menu contains the commands which you can use to modify the logs.

ReadyAPI Logs: Logs context menu
Option Description
Clear Reset the log and remove all information from it.
Clear all logs Reset all available logs and remove all information from them.
Enable If selected, the log is enabled. Otherwise, no information is posted to the log.
Copy to clipboard Copy the current log contents to the clipboard.
Set Max Rows Limit the number of log rows. Oldest items are deleted first.
Export to a File Save the log information to the .log file.
Export all logs to ZIP File Save the all available log information.

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