About Targets

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

Targets are individual pieces of a test scenario that run one after another. If you need to repeat targets in a cycle, you can add a target loop.

You can view and change targets in the Targets section of the Load Scenario panel.


Add targets

  • Click Add target.

  • In the subsequent Add Target dialog, select what a new target will test.

    Load testing with ReadyAPI: Add Target dialog

    Click the image to enlarge it.

    Option Description
    Test Case Runs the specified functional test case.

    You can specify a test case from another project in the workspace. If you do, you may have to specify missing properties, service operations and other resources that are absent from your current project.

    Single Request Runs a single request.

    You can specify a request from any other API in the workspace. In this case, you may have to specify missing service operations, methods or resources.

    When you add a single request target, ReadyAPI automatically creates a functional test case that contains the corresponding test step.
    URL Runs a simple REST request to the specified URL.
    When you add a new URL target, ReadyAPI creates a functional test case that contains the corresponding REST Request test step. You can specify test suite and test case names in the corresponding fields of the Add Target dialog.
  • Click OK.

A new target will be added to the scenario and executed during each test run.

Targets toolbar

The Targets section has a toolbar with the following commands:

Command Action
Add target Adds a new target to a test scenario.
It opens the Add Target dialog where you can select the target type of the new target and specify the desired test case, request, or URL.
Remove target Deletes the selected target.
Alternatively, you can right-click the desired target and select Delete from the context menu.
Add target loop Creates a Target Loop.
Moves the target up and Moves the target down Moves the selected target up and down.

Change Targets

To change a target, right-click the desired target and select Change Target from the context menu.

Modify test steps

To edit test steps:

  • Double-click the desired test step or test case, select the test case or test step response.

— or —

  • Select a test case or a test step and click Edit Test Case or Edit Test Step in the inspector.

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