Load Test Results Tile

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

The Load Test Results tile shows recent results of load test runs.

The tile presents this information in a chart where the horizontal axis shows the names of load tests you have run, and the vertical axis shows numbers that represent average response and test duration time and the total number of errors in a test.

Below is a sample view of the tile:

ReadyAPI Interface: Dashboard: Load Test Results Tile

If you do not have a load test or if you have not run it yet, you will see sample data in the tile. To learn about creating load tests, see Creating Your First Load Test.


To use the Load Test Results tile, you need a ReadyAPI Performance Pro license. If you do not have it, you can either request it on our web site or start a trial.

Filter Projects

By default, the Load Test Results tile shows load test information of all recently run projects. You can select a project whose data you want to be displayed in the tile from the drop-down list:

ReadyAPI Dashboard: Select a project

Set Time Interval

The Load Test Results tile shows recent data which is relevant to the time interval you set. Click in the top-right corner of the tile and select one of the options: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, and Custom. By using the Custom option, you can set an arbitrary period.

Filter Values

You can specify which trend values to show on the chart by using the check boxes at the bottom of the tile:

Load Test Values
Value Description

Avg response time

The average time (in ms) that takes a server to respond.


The test run duration (in seconds).


The total number of errors that occurred during the test run.

View Details

To view a summary of a load test, point to a bar in the chart:

Brief information about a load test run

Target Executions here is a number of individual pieces of a test scenario executed during the test run. For details, see targets.

To get details about load test results, click a bar in the chart. The Load Test Details window will appear:

ReadyAPI Interface: Load Test Results Window

Click the image to enlarge it.

The window contains a graph that shows how response and test duration time and the number of failures have changed during the period you have set. The table below the graph has the following columns:

Column Description

Load Test

The load test name.


The project name.

Number of VUs

The number of virtual users (VUs) simulated each second.

Median Time Taken

The time taken to execute a scenario.


The number of errors that occurred during the test run.


The number of transactions per second.


The execution status of the test run.
Possible values: Pass, Fail.

Last Run

The date and time of the last test run.

You can filter the results displayed on the graph and in the table by projects, load tests, values, and time.

You can also view the details of each test. To do that, click Open. ReadyAPI will open the respective editor.

Export Details

Click or right-click anywhere in the Load Test Results tile and select Generate Report. ReadyAPI will generate and open the report. Use the dialog toolbar to save the report or print it.

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