Running Virtual Services

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.51, last modified on February 16, 2024

You can run virtual APIs (virtual services) on your local computer, where you have ReadyAPI installed, or on a remote machine in your network.

Local Computer

From the ReadyAPI UI (see Running on Local Machine).

From your test case (by using the Virtual Service Runner test step).

From the command line by using the virtrunner.bat/.sh script.

See Running on Local Machine for an overview of all the methods.

Remote Machine

To run a virtual service on a remote machine, you can install VirtServer on that machine, or you can save your ReadyAPI project to a WAR (Web Application aRchive) file and run this file on a servlet container like Tomcat:

Running With VirtServer

In this case, you can start a virtual service on the VirtServer machine from the ReadyAPI UI, from your test case, or from the command line.

Deploying in WAR Format

In this case, the virtual service starts automatically when the container (Tomcat) starts and stops when the container stops.

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