Data Generator

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.52, last modified on April 18, 2024

The Data Generator data source is a built-in generator of data. You can use it to generate property values of different types. This approach allows you to avoid manually creating data storages and populating them with data.

Available Generators

The type of a property depends on the generator that is used to generate the data. ReadyAPI uses 19 different data generators:

Generator Generates
Boolean Random true or false values.
City City names.
Computer Address IPv4 or MAC addresses.
Country Country names.
Custom String Custom strings, using different optional generators.
Date and Time Date and time values using the specified template.
E-mail Email addresses.
Integer Random integer numbers.
Name Human names.
Phone Number Random phone numbers using the specified template.
Real Random real numbers.
Social Security Number Random US social security numbers.
State Names of random US states.
Street Address Street addresses.
String Random strings.
United Kingdom Postcode UK postcodes.
United States ZIP Code US ZIP codes.
Value From a Set Random values from the predefined list.

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