Usage Statistics

License usage reporting

License Administrators can view statistics on the assignment and revocation of SmartBear licenses within their organization by clicking on the View Report button:

View Report button

This opens a view containing Tables and Charts for that License:

Tables Report button


The Table view (above) gives key data on the usage of that license. Locking events record successful requests to take up license seats. Unlocking releases a seat. The Remaining Seats column gives the number of seats available for a given license.


The Chart view (below) shows license usage over the last month. The blue column shows the highest number of seats used concurrently during that day. The red column shows the total number of requests for license seats refused that day due to the limit for that license being reached.

View Report button

Exporting usage statistics

Usage statistics are exportable using the Download CSV button:

Download CSV button


Reports are always generated with the default UTC timestamp. This cannot be modified.

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